Before you can compete in any UKC registered event your dog will have to be registered with the UNC.

In all Dog Sports purebred as well as mixbreed dogs are welcome to participate

Single Registration is a method for purebred dogs from other recognized registries to become UKC registered.

Application for Single Registration

Limited Privilege Registration is a method for mix bred dogs, purebred dogs of unknown pedigree or purebred dogs with disqualifying faults to become registered. These dogs must be spayed or neutered and can compete in Performance Events and Junior Showmanship.

Application for Limited Privilege Registration

Litter Registration Application: Litter Registration is a method of two UKC registered dogs of the same breed to register offspring. This application must be submitted before the offspring reaches one year of age.

Application for Litter Registration Application

Please see the UKC website about the cost of registration and for more information